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Ep. 12 – Chain Restaurants

with:  Zara Findlay-ShirrasDeepu MurtyBrandon Werner

Plus, special guest Aarthi Murty

We’re joined by Totes Fave sibling and superfan, Aarthi, to discuss our favorite chain restaurants. How much is too much sodium? What makes a pizza from California? Will we ever get our baby back baby back baby back ribs? All this and more, listen now! Read more


Ep. 11 – Reboots

with:  Zara Findlay-ShirrasDeepu MurtyBrandon Werner

What better time to talk reboots than on a rebooted podcast? We took the summer off to streamline our format and purify the mighty rivers of the things we love into their essential FAVE-ness. Enough aquatic metaphors – OK one more – let’s open the floodgates and get started. It’s the REBOOT to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen, Mama rolling that body,  got every man in here wishing. Read more

Wow! Alien Contact?

Have we made contact with aliens? Conspiracy theories aside, scientifically, we may have… once. In 1977, astronomer Jerry Ehman found a signal that made him go, “Wow!”

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Hitler’s Olympics: Berlin 1936

Think Rio Olympics 2016 are boring? It could always be worse, Adolf Hitler could have hosted. We run down the 1936 Berlin Olympics, when the world formally met the Nazi Party and Jesse Owens.

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Third Parties Explained with STAR WARS

Feeling the call of a Third Party? Brandon uses something he knows even more about than Politics to explain the history of “Option C” on our ballots. Its “Third Parties Explained with STAR WARS.

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