Ep. 11 - Reboots


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Wow! Alien Contact?

Have we made contact with aliens? Conspiracy theories aside, scientifically, we may have… once. In 1977, astronomer Jerry Ehman found a signal that made him go, “Wow!”

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Hitler’s Olympics: Berlin 1936

Think Rio Olympics 2016 are boring? It could always be worse, Adolf Hitler could have hosted. We run down the 1936 Berlin Olympics, when the world formally met the Nazi Party and Jesse Owens.

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Third Parties Explained with STAR WARS

Feeling the call of a Third Party? Brandon uses something he knows even more about than Politics to explain the history of “Option C” on our ballots. Its “Third Parties Explained with STAR WARS.

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Pokemon Go: Best App in History?

Playing Pokemon Go could be good for you… and not just from all the fresh air and walking. We run down how to discover history in your backyard while finding that rare Mewtwo.

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Walls: A Divided History

Walls are so hot right now, but they always have.  Learn humanity’s failed history of wall construction in “Walls: A Divided History,” where we may get through the whole video without mentioning a certain person… George R. R. Martin? Genghis Kahn? Fine, Donald Trump.

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