Ep. 12 – Chain Restaurants

with:  Zara Findlay-ShirrasDeepu MurtyBrandon Werner

Plus, special guest Aarthi Murty

We’re joined by Totes Fave sibling and superfan, Aarthi, to discuss our favorite chain restaurants. How much is too much sodium? What makes a pizza from California? Will we ever get our baby back baby back baby back ribs? All this and more, listen now!

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Notes from Sheila the Intern

The Friendly’s Halloween-themed ice cream sundaes, including the much-discussed Bat Sundae.


Applebee’s Cheeseburger Eggroll. A real thing that exists.


Faves of the Week

Zara: @DogsBeingBasic on Instagram

Brandon: The original 1973 “The Wicker Man”

Deepu: “Don’t Think Twice”

Aarthi: “Stranger Things” on Netflix

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