Ep. 1 – One Hit Wonders

With: Brandon Werner, Zara Findlay-Shirras, Deepu Murty

We tempt fate with our first episode and decide the ultimate list of one-hit-wonders, those magical flashes in the pan of stardom when a band hits the Top-40 and then disappears from the face of the earth, never to be heard from again.


We rattle off a lot of song names in this episode, listen along on our comprehensive playlists:

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Warning, this list was decided in the ultra-scientific Totes Favs Battledome, so it is therefore carved in stone. Disagree? Let us know in the comments… but, you are wrong.

5. “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger

They cut off my legs, now I’m an amputee, God damn you.

4.”What’s Up” by 4 Non-Blondes

And I say, hey hey hey hey. I said hey, what’s going on?

3. “My Sharona” by The Knack

I always get it up, for the touch of the younger kind.

2. “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle

They say in heaven love comes first, we’ll make heaven a place on earth.

1. “Love Fool” by The Cardigans


So I cry, I pray and I beg.
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